Why Should You Use Us?

Experience - Practice started in 1975
  • Variety of building types completed locally and in Cape Town and in Durban etc.
  • We can see the bigger picture and how the details make up the bigger picture.
  • We are good with people, also with the interpretation and understanding of the client's requirements.
  • We can handle the entire projects from start to finish, recommend and coordinate the work of other professionals required.


How do we create value?

  • Personal service
  • Good at planning and maximising the sites
  • We do better designs and plans - designs created for each site and situation
  • We do not do a semi-standard design "altered to suit"
  • Provide realistic cost estimates and updates from a quantity surveyor

Value and relevance to you and your organisation

  • Better buildings - That fit your purpose and requirements.
  • Better buildings - That command higher market values.
  • Better buildings - That enhance the organisation's image.
Buildings are one big advertisement for the company. First impression really does count, people do remember good building.

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